Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Are they avoiding anything?


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With Miley Cyrus’ paremts Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus in the middle of a divorce, what is Miley and Liam trying to avoid at the moment? Insiders believe that Hemsworth and Cyrus are avoiding anything ‘couple’ related to stir up more gossip. But the real question is, is Cyrus and Hemsworth actually not engaged anymore? The answer has been revealed on ‘Good Morning America’ that the engagement is real and is not off. Both Cyrus and Hemsworth are claiming that through Billy and Tish’s divorce, they will not take side due to how relatively close the could is to Cyrus’ parents.


Celebrity Tweets!



Demi Lovato: @ddlovato : “BISCUITS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!”

Lucy Hale: @lucyhale : “I’ll have you all know I just bought a unicorn shirt. Thanks urban outfitters.”

Mindless Behavior: @MindlessBehavior : “Snap chat=obsessed #spreadthepeace”

Taylor Swift: @taylorswift13 : “I’ve listened to ‘My Songs Know What You Did In Th Dark’ by @FallOutBoy 43 times today.”

Jennette McCurdy: @jennettemccurdy : “I know there’s some rule about no carbs before award shows but I’m gonna have Cheetos anyway”

Justin Bieber: @justinbieber : “I wanna do a concert in space”

Miley Cyrus: @MileyCyrus : “When you don’t know what to wear… Wear a onezie. #killtwobirdswithoneonezie”

Did Justin Bieber play a cruel prank on his fans?


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Did Justin Bieber play a cruel prank on BOTH his fans and Well, this is absolutely true. On April Fools Day, the Biebs tweeted to his 36.9 million followers on Twitter, “As promised taking all fan calls TODAY at (888)847 9879. Talk to you soon!” The number the Biebz gave to his fans was actually the hotline number to! The number is toll-free so anyone all over the world can call in! Nice one Justin!